Tap Legend


Well, at last, a kick-ass role-playing game! The main source in the sense that the ancient evil demon broke loose, break the seal to guard him. Big world Azahar, the demon destroyed by fire, and rescue all can only be a true hero. Cool strategy, colorful decoration, and the main characters with advanced capabilities. Choose a mighty hero with unique abilities have the opportunity of any race represented. Dozens of skills and more than one hundred students for what would organize his mighty army. To carry out its tactics and achieve a great victory can combine their heroes and military units. You can completely change the history of the game, have a war to win. Throughout the game you will be accompanied by Amazon, which will help to understand the meaning and management of the game. Nice music and sound will entertain as well as bright and colorful design. Such a strategy could easily inspire a child or adult, is welcome. There have a lot to marvel at than interested in and what to get positive emotions. This war is really worth it.

Download Tap Legend for HTC Explorer

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