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Developers Escape Room: Snow White and this time decided not to surprise us nothing and released this version of the series Escape Room in the old style. The protagonist of the game talking to the baby, and when he said something to him, a strong wind blew, our hero appears in an unknown room, from which you have to find a way out. Yes, you will find yourself back in the room, which leads out of one door, and in order to take advantage of this door, you have to solve puzzles, collect strange objects.
For the Android platform game quite tolerable, but the story itself has become boring Escape Room. A couple of hours, maybe you will be able to play it, but then you get tired of the monotonous scene. After all, we have already passed earlier versions of Escape Room, where you had to do the same thing: go out of the room. Graphics redrawn, but it does not give us the desire to play it. After all, if the old threadbare piece of candy to put in a new wrapper, it is from this will not be tastier. So we will wait for something new from the developer Escape Room. In any case, check out the video passage, and decide.

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