Educational and research programs for LG E730 Optimus Sol

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Chegg Textbooks & Study Help Chegg Textbooks & Study Help
  • 51

Online library with answers to the DMZ

Memrise - learning languages Memrise - learning languages
  • 43

Learning foreign languages ​​with the help of courses

Cambly - English teacher Cambly - English teacher
  • 34

Learn English from native speakers

CppDroid - C/C++ IDE CppDroid - C/C++ IDE
  • 51

Study of C / C ++ examples and practice

Dictionary Multitran Dictionary Multitran
  • 51

The dictionary with transcription and voice input

Road signs Road signs
  • 48

Study and memorize road signs of the Russian Federation

Exam SDA Ukraine 2015 Exam SDA Ukraine 2015
  • 41

Test your knowledge of traffic rules

Learn English with Babbel Learn English with Babbel
  • 77

English language courses with exercises

MarcoPolo Weather MarcoPolo Weather
  • 51

Learning applications with modeling weather

50 Languages 50 Languages
  • 60

Learning basic vocabulary in different languages

Learn to play guitar beginner L Learn to play guitar beginner L
  • 64

Tutorial guitar with video materials

German lessons 7 German lessons 7
  • 51

Fast learning German

Learning Java Learning Java
  • 34

Learning the Java programming language

Speak English Speak English
  • 60

The study of the pronunciation of English words

English course English course
  • 68

Learning English

Star Walk 2 Free Star Walk 2 Free
  • 61

The study of celestial objects and their position

Learn to speak in English Learn to speak in English
  • 81

Learn English with the help of audio

Coloring - Risovalka Coloring - Risovalka
  • 85

Children's drawing application

Polyglot 16 Lite - English Polyglot 16 Lite - English
  • 77

Effective English language training

Learning JavaScript Learning JavaScript
  • 68

Studying Javascript in English

Learn and play. Polish Learn and play. Polish
  • 68

The study of the Polish language in a playful way

English Grammar Test English Grammar Test
  • 51

Test your knowledge of the English language

Learn C++ Learn C++
  • 51

The study of C ++ quiz and rating

Learn English - busuu Learn English - busuu
  • 34

Learning English

Mathematics Mathematics
  • 57

Plotting and complex calculations

Calculator equations Calculator equations
  • 17

The solution of complex equations

Skeletal System 3D Anatomy Skeletal System 3D Anatomy
  • 60

3D skeleton model of the human body

Codebox Codebox
  • 51

Learning C and Java examples

Periodic Table Periodic Table
  • 43

118 chemical elements with the full description

  • 68

Speeches outstanding people fissile experience

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