Hill Climb Racing


Hill Climb Racing - one of the most exciting racing game based on physics. Probably all played the game Gravity Defied? So, it's something like that, only on the machine. You have to collect fuel, as you progress through the route, various bonuses in the form of coins. Managing only 2 buttons on the screen - it's the gas and brake. Your task will be to pass as possible the distance, that is the end of the game gone, and it means that the game will not let you relax or miss. Good luck in conquering the slopes!

- A lot of bonuses in the form of gasoline on the highway, coins;
- Infinity game, meaning you will go-go until you run out of fuel or battery will not sit down;
- The game does not require much resources, to it will work without lags and freezes.


Enjoy the game, so do not forget to comment and put a plus sign: D

Download Hill Climb Racing for LG GT540

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  • Затащила капец как. Целый день рубил в дороге. Акум убил в хламину на ней)
  • Ага, игра супер.. На первый взгляд простая - а затягивает..
  • Да ира вообще зверь))) wink
  • Супер игруха ))))))
  • Cупер вопше отличная , скачаю полюбом
  • грамотная игруха lol wink
  • КЛевая игра спасибо
  • она не бесконечная,после 9600 метров стоят флаги
  • хорошая игра
  • не поцкажете где скачать эту игру?
  • а в какой фаил надо ложить эту игру
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