Shooting club 2: Sniper


Simulator shooting range

Game Shooting club 2: Sniper is one of the most popular galleries for devices based on Android. Throughout its existence, it has been downloaded over one million times, that is impressive. The second part of this game provides a unique opportunity for everyone who wishes to try yourself as a professional shooter with this sniper rifle (tempting, is not it?). Because this game is marketed as a simulator - the conditions in it are very close to reality. This means that the role played by firing accuracy not only the player, but also the characteristics of the rifle or wind speed and direction. In the arsenal player can visit a dozen of various famous sniper rifles from around the world.
On the first part of this game is very flatteringly both critics and players. It has become one of the favorite games for many owners of phones based on Android, and the second part was a really long awaited. And it is fully met all expectations, beating the first part (still a great game) in all respects. Feel like a sniper.

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Download Shooting club 2: Sniper for LG Optimus L3 E400

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