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Forever Drive is a very beautiful design that gives users the opportunity to try their skills in the time trial, but the main highlight of the game, all the races are held in the future, so the beauty of the futuristic scenery is guaranteed.
Feature of the game is also the opportunity to create their own cities and routes by which and will race cars.
The city looks decent enough thanks to 3D models.
Built-in map editor will provide an opportunity to use their imagination to the maximum.
According to the results of races, the player will be awarded experience points, and will increase the level of a certain number of coins.
With bonuses received in the race, you can open new premium-class cars with unique designs, discover the unique setting of the car (painting, appearance, number) and get access to special buildings, which will be able to add some new details to the already created by you the track.
The game will appeal to all users who like to compete in high-speed vehicles go through a complicated route or get a unique update.

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Download Forever Drive for LG Optimus L5 E612

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