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If you - one of the lucky ones who has a good android device that is capable of maintaining a good game, then you should discover the world. World railways Trainz Simulator THD.
This game has a very serious graphics, making it unavailable for devices with low vision system. The plot of the application is very simple: you have to run a railroad on a certain route, which is complicated in some parts of the mission. Which, by the way, the game is enough to get excited about the long haul. You will need to take into account all the details of terrain, which will be laid on the railroad.
Very very pleased with convenient operation, which is unusual for a game of this genre. There are lots of nice little things like a realistic train control who goes on your rail. The developers have paid special attention to the details of the train control and all sorts of obligations that must be met machinist, lest disaster: to change the arrow to signal to the station and so on.
All this will give you many hours of enjoyment.

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