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BattleHand BattleHand
  • 68

Use magic cards against enemies

Knightmare Tower Knightmare Tower
  • 68

Destroy the enemies and rescue the princess

Archers Archers
  • 68

Kill the archers before they kill you

Into The Circle Into The Circle
  • 68

Move through the levels by shooting the puck

Crashing Season Crashing Season
  • 68

Protect animals from hunters driving

Angry Bull 2016 Angry Bull 2016
  • 51

Chasing people driving the bull

Hungry crumbs obsession Hungry crumbs obsession
  • 68

Compose a combination of fruits and vegetables

Olympus Rising Olympus Rising
  • 68

Fight with the Gods of the land

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars Sandstorm: Pirate Wars
  • 57

Fight to the death of flying machines

Zombie Catchers Zombie Catchers
  • 68

Catch a zombie and improve equipment

Doomsday Clicker Doomsday Clicker
  • 85

Destroy the world for a living on survivors
  • 71

Make a snake longest

Angry Birds Action! Angry Birds Action!
  • 34

Destroy prepyatsviya and deliver eggs

Tank ON 2 - Jeep Hunter Tank ON 2 - Jeep Hunter
  • 68

Protect the base using the minigun and gun

Fast like a Fox Fast like a Fox
  • 68

Collect gems controlling fox

Smashy Brick Smashy Brick
  • 68

Destroy buildings by directing light

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade
  • 57

Destroy the Orcs controlling the fighting robot

Learn 2 Fly Learn 2 Fly
  • 68

Collect coins flying bag

Power Hover Power Hover
  • 68

Ride your skateboard gravity

Storm the Train Storm the Train
  • 68

Open characters and destroy the zombies

Snake Legends Snake Legends
  • 68

Cheerful snake animal selection

Faily Brakes Faily Brakes
  • 51

Survive in a car whose brakes failed

Hammer Time! Hammer Time!
  • 79

Protect your castle from boulders

Bullet Boy Bullet Boy
  • 77

Shoot the little man out of a cannon

Zombie Frontier 3 Zombie Frontier 3
  • 68

Destroy zombies and bosses

Disney Magic Kingdom Disney Magic Kingdom
  • 68

Restore vicious amusement park

LEGO DC Mighty Micros LEGO DC Mighty Micros
  • 68

Chase the villains of the city

Elite Killer 3D Elite Killer 3D
  • 68

Fight against terrorists using weapons

Chhota Bheem Race Game Chhota Bheem Race Game
  • 68

Run down to the finish line first using traps

Endless Run Magic Stone Endless Run Magic Stone
  • 58

Run on the locations and fight with monsters

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