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Chicken Maze Chicken Maze
  • 0

Collect grain avoiding foxes

7 Seas 7 Seas
  • 85

Clears the way for the ship circling objects

Dustland Dustland
  • 51

Damages enemies melds

Apocalypse Meow Apocalypse Meow
  • 51

Search for survivors in the open space

Jet Run: City Defender Jet Run: City Defender
  • 51

Destroy aliens flying in a fighter plane

Cannon Land Cannon Land
  • 68

Shoot animals on coins

Twin Shooter - Invaders Twin Shooter - Invaders
  • 68

Keep the enemy ships to its base

Zombie Harvest Zombie Harvest
  • 51

Use plants to kill zombies

Zombie Deathmatch Zombie Deathmatch
  • 68

Spectacular battles between zombies

UFB 2 - Ultra Fighting Bros UFB 2 - Ultra Fighting Bros
  • 68

Jump on enemies to defeat them

Swing Copters Swing Copters
  • 0

Overcome obstacles by changing the trajectory

Ski Safari 2 Ski Safari 2
  • 68

Collect coins and ride a Yeti

PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Maze PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Maze
  • 51

Put records in avoiding ghosts PAC-MAN

  • 85

Realistic hunting simulator

  • 51

Sniper simulator with great graphics

Tiny Auto Shop Tiny Auto Shop
  • 68

Distribute cars for Automotive Service

Smashy Road: Wanted Smashy Road: Wanted
  • 85

To drive on the roads by the cops

Love Kitten - My Fuzzy Love Kitten - My Fuzzy
  • 72

Simulator possession kitten

Baby Blocks - Puzzle Monsters Baby Blocks - Puzzle Monsters
  • 51

Remove cubes to lower the small animals

Gun Fu: Stickman 2 Gun Fu: Stickman 2
  • 77

Shoot the enemies and do not let them kill themselves

Marble Duel Marble Duel
  • 68

Destroy more color balls than your opponent

PAC-MAN Bounce PAC-MAN Bounce
  • 68

Paves the way for Pacman

Walking War Robots Walking War Robots
  • 58

Team PvP battle robots

AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist
  • 68

Arcade business sim

Benji Bananas Benji Bananas
  • 43

Prigayte on derevsyam and collect bananas

Angry Birds POP - Shakira Bird Angry Birds POP - Shakira Bird
  • 51

Shoot the balls to throw pigs

Thunder Jack's Log Runner Thunder Jack's Log Runner
  • 34

Try to keep your balance on a log

ZombieBolt ZombieBolt
  • 60

Do not let the zombies be flattened wall

Potion Pop Potion Pop
  • 68

Bright and colorful arcade game 3 in a row

Benji Bananas Benji Bananas
  • 68

Jump on the trees and collect bananas

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