Chicken Invaders 3


Chicken Shoot units

Ah, the chicken, they are punished twice for the invasion of the solar system, but they still do not want to put up with the fact that their earthly brethren fried, boiled and eaten. So they came from everywhere and in large quantities. Fortunately, the dashing hero in a spaceship repulsed enemy attacks, and saved humanity from slavery. After the second attack of chicken seriously angry, and decided to go to mass and rapid attack, so you will have to tread carefully, but firmly, as one mistake will doom the whole of civilization to a protracted death in boilers and furnaces interstellar restaurants. The gameplay does not change the game, you still have to shoot the chicken troops and avoid flying eggs and collect various power-ups to increase the firepower of their own. You will still come across huge bosses and various flying objects. Nevertheless, fans of the game provided by the new game content and game play. So beloved by millions of game continues its way to smartphones. We look forward to porting the fourth part, and destroy the galactic invaders defending peace and food.



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