Lordmancer HD (Russian version)


Take the path from the captain to the rich player

In this great game you have to go a long way from poor to rich master player. The game has a lot of mobs such as: Skeleton Witch, Sasquatch, archers, and many others. If you can agree with the monsters they will serve you until the end of his days, but if not then they attack you and spoil you and take you the latest clothing. Also, when you register, you'll have to choose one hero of 5 races (Dwarf, Dead, Orc, Human, Elf), each of which has its own abilities.
Dwarf - When you register you get a lot of money as these people very rich.
Dead - Have the magic that is not easy to use since you have to think very well about tactics game.
Orc - He is a very aggressive and fast in their skills in just a few strokes, he can kill the enemy.
Man - Very good trading and can negotiate with any monsters or players
Elf - Owned rare artifacts magic elf very nimble and agile automatically dodge any attack.


Download Lordmancer HD (Russian version) for Android

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