Clouds and Sheep Premium


Take care of my lambs

Cheerful and colorful game Clouds & Sheep is made in the style of sandbox and do not leave indifferent neither kids, not their parents. In the game you stand in the role of a shepherd, who is to: take care of a small flock of adorable little sheep, envelop them for their concern, merge into the herd, feed, monitor the level of health. This game definitely reminds you Tamagotchi, but with the quality of hand-drawn graphics and fun gameplay protsessom.Spokoynaya game with a leisurely pace is the perfect choice for fans of arcade games. During the game you have to go more than 70 trials, which are not limited in time, given the opportunity and sharing images between friends. In the game you will be presented with glasses of happiness that you have the right to dispose of their choice: whether you purchase the necessary items significantly simplifying the gameplay, or the completion of your stada.Podvodya result can be concluded that the game was very exciting and picturesque, with its high-quality graphics cartoon-style, high quality traced the characters clear and simple control.


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