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Ready for the Zoom Out 3D guessing game? Can you guess the celebrity who is in the picture? Can you guess the other hidden objects? Is it a carpet or a bird? An apple or a chair? Who is the celebrity? A singer or an actress? Who is and what is actually hiding behind the zoomed picture? The list goes on with over 100+ picture quizzes in the new guessing game that you will love.

Guess the celebrity or the object in the picture in Zoom Out 3D! It is the best picture quiz easy guessing game full of fun quizzes that will have you guessing all day about who is actually in the zoomed image... So what are you waiting for?
Tell your friends about this cool game, start playing and maybe you will guess their answer!

Start playing the Zoom Out 3D guessing game now and guess the celebrity in the picture, can you get all the quizzes right? Download now!

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محدث: 2022-01-12
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المتطلبات: Android 6.0+
اسم الحزمة: com.BanditBears.ZoomOut3D

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