Whats web - Multiple Accounts Clone app

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Whats web - Multiple Accounts Clone app

Do you have to manage multiple accounts of Watsap or managing parallel spaces an issue for you? Whats web - Multiple Accounts Clone app is a free app and can resolve all the problems of managing multi accounts along with . You can use wts web and create dual spaces of all kinds of Whatsupp accounts on a single device with the help of what's web - Multiple Accounts Clone app which is a what's up scanner. It helps you with what's up scanner qr code scanning. One can easily whats chat on what scanner

You do not need to install applications for whats web scan and parallel spaces separately for whats scan web and QR scanner. Whats web - Multiple Accounts Clone app performs multiple tasks of wts web and qr reader in single install. You are not only managing whats scan web in a single application but this app offers you to QR code reader. You are able to scan or generate QR code for. You have options of creating barcodes for your own personal products as well as what web. There is a vast range of services offering you to create dual spaces, whats chat for what's up scanner and generating renewed qr codes for new accounts and products with this qr scanner app.


Whatscen; Whats web - Multiple Accounts Clone app offers managing of multiple what's web accounts for whats chat on a single device. You can keep dual accounts in dual spaces in clone whatsapp.
QR scanner/QR generator; Whats web - Multiple Accounts Clone app enables you to generate or scan QR codes for all kinds of products whether you are in a market or a shopping mall or at home. Qr Code creator allows you to create your own QR code for your business, your profile, and even your own company. Users can also generate QR codes for their social media accounts, wifi, text messages, websites, and whatsap web .
Whats web - Multiple Accounts Clone app is to whatsap web. It is user friendly and ensures the privacy of the users. It is a multi-functional app that serves to clone whatsapp as well as generate and scan QR codes and what's scan.
History; history saves all the records of scanned items for the ease of use so that the user may not lose track of the items they scanned. History stays there unless somebody deletes it.
Rewarded points; You get rewarded points by watching ads. The points help you choose the options from the menu as many times as you want. The more you watch the ads the more you earn the points and the more you can avail of the given options of wts web and scan qr code.
It is free! You do not need to pay for any kind of services of whats scan web; what's web scanner. Everything is entirely free. Even the updates provided charge no amount from you. You can use whastscan as well as qr code scanner and QR code generator for entirely free. You just need to watch the free ads and avail the services.
Whatsweb pro; If you want to use an ads-free version of what scanner you can switch to the pro version. It is easy whatscane usage without any ads as well as watsaap qr. Reliable webscan and qr scanner app.

How to use:
Open QR scanner & free qr code reader, go to scan option where camera will automatically operate. Place the camera in front of qr code and the bar code reader will read the code. You can share scanned qr code translated by qr code camera scanner. You can go to generate QR option where you have options to create QR code of any kind you please. Just click on the option of your need and fill the required fields and generate qr code. You can also use whatsweb for whatscan for multi account purpose for what's web. Whatscan; Whats web - Multiple Accounts Clone app is the best qr code scanner and what web scanner and wats scan.

Whats scan web for Whatscan – Whatsweb is neither an official application of WhatsApp nor associated with WhatsApp Inc. The "WhatsApp" name is copyright to WhatsApp, Inc.

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Категория: Связь
Обновлено: 2021-01-25
Последняя версия: 1.11
Требования: Android 7.0+
Имя пакета: com.zee.whats.scan.web.whatscan.qr.scanner

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