Rewards to Bitcoin


Cash out your rewards to Bitcoin over Lightning.

Your rewards will be locked for 2-14 days and then your balance will be available to withdraw via Lightning Network or onchain (for large orders).

You can use any Bitcoin Lightning Wallet to withdraw.

This App is meant to convert your Opinion Rewards or Play Store Balance that otherwise would be useless.
Price is almost 2x (double) the market price because play store gets 30% of payment and we take 15%.

As communicated in the app and over email to many users, we are increasing wait times and app hot wallet can only be refilled every few days due to limits.
To be transparent about the approach, there's an announcement page in app that you can check where each refill and wait time update will be published.

There's also contact details if you would like to get further help. We are also relaxing the below no-refund rule because we understand some users may not want to wait the longer periods.

Important Warning: Due to irreversible nature of Bitcoin payments -> No Refunds!

You can use LNURL withdrawal with any wallet that supports it.

For questions and feedback please contact

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