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Space Werewolf-Play Among Us is a game of survival which has different characters, such as Werewolves, Villagers, Fortune teller, Witch, Hunter, Cupid, Defender, Idiot...Strategy, bluff and mischief ! All interesting people nearby play Space Werewolf party game and spend time together. It is a social APP that combines performance, reasoning, deceits and logic. Meanwhile, it is also an Among US social APP that integrates chatting and making friends. Night falls and the town is asleep, everyone close your eyes please. Werewolves wake up and open your eyes. Who will be your victim tonight? It’s your show time.
1.Different kinds of roles-Play Among Us
Each player is given a random identity with certain skills and assigned to Werewolf team, humans team and couple team. Villagers, Werewolves, Cupid, Fortune teller, Defender, Witch, Hunter, Idiot...The game is split into alternating days and nights, played out live in real-time until 1 team wins.
2.Get together in voice-chat group games-Play Among Us
Space Werewolf makes it easy to gather a group of friends to play and chat together in real time.
3.Make friends-Play Among Us
Thousands of people are online right now and Space Werewolf makes it easy to find new friends nearby through brain-burning game. Breaking the ice is easy with fun games.
4.Privacy by design-Play Among Us
We know you want your privacy. That’s why we protect as you can set your individual privacy. Plus, your conversations don’t get stored on our servers once they get delivered.
5.Find Competition-Play Among Us
Get paired up with another real person using our matchmaking system or join a player-run tournament. If you’re good enough, you can climb the ranking while you level up in your favorite games.
Start playing and chatting together. Install Space Werewolf for free and let the good times get going.
Have a question? E-mail us at [email protected], we’d love to hear from you.

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Categoria: social
Atualizado: 2021-03-25
Última versão: 2.3.03151
Requisitos: Android 5.0+
Nome do pacote: en.orangelab.werewolf

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