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Anti Block Website Browser - Anti Block Browser is the fastest proxy browser in 2021 which is very easy to use by anyone to unblock sites or websites.

The Fastest Website Anti Block Browser Feature

-Lightweight Anti Block Browser
With optimized code, this Anti Block Browser is very light and doesn't take up much memory on your gadget

-PIN Lock
Enable PIN to keep the app safe and protected

-Ad Block
As an anti-blocking browser, Anti Block Browser is also equipped with an ad block feature that you can adjust according to your taste

-Anti Block Browser
Constrained by positive internet? Or a project newsletter? Anti Block Browser is the answer!

-Unlimited Bandwidth
No need to worry about running out of bandwidth, Anti Block Browser can be used anytime, anywhere and without limiting bandwidth

-Download with Proxy feature
Different from other anti-blocking browsers, Anti Block Browser uses a download manager that is integrated directly with the application, not with the system

-Block Pop-up Ads
Pop-up ads will be launched automatically if you activate the ad block feature

-Proxy Settings
Anti Block Browser has automatic proxy settings just by opening the app

-Free Anti Block Browser
Anti Block Browser is a free anti block browser. There are no hidden fees such as premium members or upgrade features. 100% free

What are you waiting for? Immediately download the fastest anti-blocking website browser 2021 so you can surf freely and without blocking!

- No registration
- This is not a VPN
- There are no hidden costs

* Have questions, criticisms, complaints, & suggestions? Come on, tell the Loopdance team directly via:
[email protected]

Informação Adicional

Categoria: a internet
Atualizado: 2021-03-21
Última versão: 2.0
Requisitos: Android 5.0+
Nome do pacote: com.bookeep.browser

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