The Amazing Spider-Man


Clean the city of villains and thugs

The game, the story is based on the eponymous film about the adventures of Spider-Man will feel as a defender of New York. The task of the player is the purification of scoundrels and criminals who threaten the safety of the civilian population.
New Action The Amazing Spider-Man is the official game of one of the most anticipated blockbusters of 2012 "Amazing Spider-Man."
Players will have to help the hero to fight with a huge and very dangerous Lizard and a whole gang of thugs who were with him at the same time. Using fists, web and cunning to defeat all the enemies and help the city to escape the incredible dangers of the Lizard.
25 players expect exciting and dangerous jobs that fully comply with the plot of the new film.
Beautiful graphics, the ability to climb the walls of skyscrapers, explore vast areas of New York to take part in exciting and beautifully set melee and find it necessary to improve the character development - all this awaits gamers in an exciting new action - project.

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Download The Amazing Spider-Man for LG P500 Optimus One

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