Sprint Driver


What could be better than a highway and a sports bike? In the Sprint Driver game you have to just go on the road, along the way collecting various coins. Of course, in your way will be a variety of vehicles that you have to go around. The police do not like speeders, and you can not stop, so try to avoid arrest. The game interface is designed in a minimalist style that allows you to not clutter the picture useless indicators. Graphics pleasant enough, very pleased study all the details. Management is more than a simple and no different from similar games. For the collected funds, you can buy a new steel horse to go faster and further.

Download Sprint Driver for Motorola MOTOLUXE XT389

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  • офигеная игра!
  • Ммм,классная игра
  • очень классная игруха
  • ваще охринительнаю игруха)))))))))0
  • kruta afiget panravilas adminam respekt
  • хочу скачать
  • Ігра клас супер
  • Спасибо за игру!!! Запускается без интернета, то, что нужно!