Santa Rockstar


Analogue Guitar Hero

Santa Rockstar - Cancel Christmas rhythm game, the original analogue Guitar Hero, in which many, for sure, played on a personal computer as well as on mobile devices running Android. You can play one of four characters: Jenny Legendary Guitar, Santa Jaws, Santa Rock Zvezdan Rudolf Rock. The game has 5 different stages, with amazing soundtracks. Separately, we note that the game does not use midi ringtones as in similar games, and an incredible version of the most popular Christmas songs are nice to listen to. In the course of the game need time to press the four buttons (all buttons in different colors) when it pulls up to the required melody. When you press the keys, the music is created. Care should be taken not to miss pulling up blocks too often, otherwise the melody is violated, and the game will be lost. Another interesting feature - a set of tasks performed in the passing game, for example, one of the tasks is then necessary to get into a rhythm row 7 times. The perfect game for the fun of friendly competition.

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