Youda Survivor


Help the tribes to fight with pirates

The main character gets to the island, but he's not alone. Many tribes need your help, because they are attacked by pirates. And you, in addition to providing assistance to survive yourself, and you'll be watching the game. For assistance, tribes generously bestowed upon you, for example Tatem, who have magical properties of different elements. Find recipes mysterious potions, control the weather, build machine. By the way you have to grow and keep track of their animals and to protect them from pirates. Playing a fun hike on the farm, with some modifications. Will you be able to survive in such harsh conditions, and help residents? Everything is in your hands!

Features Youda Survivor:
-80 Different levels
And magical rituals of the elements
-11 Species
A dynamic game-
-Interesting adventure
-Improvements, bonuses and awards

Video-game review Youda Survivor


Download Youda Survivor for Android

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