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Google Play Books Google Play Books
  • 46

Finding and reading books with text settings

3D House Plans 3D House Plans
  • 41

3D plans of the interior of houses and flats

Dictionary Multitran Dictionary Multitran
  • 51

The dictionary with transcription and voice input

Erudite Dictionary Erudite Dictionary
  • 79

Simple and functional dictionary

yoCard yoCard
  • 68

Keep your coupon and bonus cards

Comics Comics
  • 68

Application for searching and reading comics

Amazon Kindle Amazon Kindle
  • 68

Acquisition and reading books, magazines, newspapers

Anatomy Anatomy
  • 51

Handbook on the basics of human anatomy

The Bible The Bible
  • 68

Offline Bible reading and community

Read! FREE Read! FREE
  • 71

A huge library of books to read

Learning English 6000 words Learning English 6000 words
  • 67

Convenient study of English words

EBook and PDF Reader EBook and PDF Reader
  • 44

Easily view PDF, FB2, DJVU, XPS formats

Dictionary Offline Dictionary Offline
  • 51

Multilingual dictionary does not require Internet

SDA exam Russia 2014 SDA exam Russia 2014
  • 43

SDA RF for 2014 with the examination regime

Audible for Android Audible for Android
  • 0

Download and listen to audio books

SDA 2014. Theory SDA 2014. Theory
  • 71

Passage of the tests and examinations by the SDA 2014

StarPlayer for audio book StarPlayer for audio book
  • 0

Listening to audio books and editing

  • 72

Answers to all questions

Home Legal Encyclopedia Home Legal Encyclopedia
  • 51

Assistant in any situation

Countries of the World Countries of the World
  • 58

Directory of the world

STB iDiet STB iDiet
  • 61

Calculates the number of calories

  • 74

Traffic rules RF

SDA Belarus SDA Belarus
  • 63

SDA Belarus

City guide to Thailand City guide to Thailand
  • 44

Information about Thailand

Terms 2010 Terms 2010
  • 71

International Chamber of Commerce Rules

Shoe sizes Shoe sizes
  • 57

Help calculate any shoe size

E Numbers E Numbers
  • 46

Information about food supplements

The Constitution of the Russian Federation The Constitution of the Russian Federation
  • 54

The Constitution of the Russian Federation in 1993

Lacing Art Lacing Art
  • 51

Instructions for tying shoelaces

Directory of SDA Directory of SDA
  • 58

Fundamentals of traffic rules

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