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Idle business simulator and tycoon game with a post-apocalyptic and zombie survival theme. The world has ended, and you're running a post-apocalyptic trading post!

Your management skills will make the difference between survival and extinction. Build your outpost, trade with survivors, and expand your empire in this thrilling mega-simple 2D game with a gritty, immersive atmosphere.

When the night comes, fight off silly zombies!

Start with a small scrapyard outpost and grow your trading empire!

Begin with just a basic outpost in the desert, then upgrade and expand as you earn resources and profits. As you progress, discover new locations, from abandoned gas stations to underground vaults, and build the most prosperous post-apocalyptic trading network in the world!

There will be a ton of post-apocalyptic locations.
Venture from arid deserts to lush forests, encountering bandit camps, winter hideouts, and high-tech trading hubs. With each new level, unlock stunning new locations and challenges for your trading post.

Idle Outpost is perfect for players who love:

💥 Post-apocalyptic and survival-themed games
💼 Business simulation and tycoon games
🏗️ Building and managing virtual empires
🎮 Engaging single-player experiences
🔌 Offline gameplay with no internet required
🆓 Free-to-play games that offer hours of entertainment

Embark on a journey of survival, commerce, and growth in Idle Outpost, the ultimate post-apocalyptic trading post simulator. Can you build the most prosperous trading empire in the new world? Download now and find out!

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Categoria: simulazioni
Aggiornato: 2024-04-16
Ultima versione: 0.13.57
Requisiti: Android 5.0+
Nome del pacchetto: com.rockbite.zombieoutpost

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