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🐈Musicat – Cat Music Simulator🎶

Piano, guitar, mixer, bongo drums, harp, flute, editor... and many other unexpected magic instruments are all available in Musicat, which is one of the most interesting free music DIY games!
🎸Team up your cat band with the DJ Cat as the leader, and start your music journey!

There are 30+ new instruments for you to unlock, you can also unlock new cats on the home page. Come enjoy dance and sing music life!
With the music provided, you can practice your level of rhythm. Overcome your tile limits with this dance and sing music app! Could your music win the best DJ song prize?

🎵In Musicat, you can design your songs with the different instruments mentioned above.
Once you play the hidden melody with the specific instrument, you will get a special performance from a lovely cat band!
And you can unlock the new mode and try to get a special performance bonus! It's like a simple song editor, you can tap the key to play the corresponding melody. Tap the high-lighted place following the beat of the pop songs, complete the music and get a special cat performance. Each level has a different melody and performance, come challenge and gain a 3-stars rating!

Don’t worry. All you need to do is to follow the music, enjoy making a song of beat, and the popular pop songs editor!
If you are a lover of kittens or you are interested in piano tile and mixer casual music games or any cute cut girl games, do not miss Musicat.
Come drop the beat and play the magic cat music right now!
🐈Meow! ฅ'ω'ฅ

🐾 2 Modes Available!
🐾 Different cat skins!
🐾 Popular pop songs level!
🐾 Addicting, funny, and challenging!
🐾 Satisfying cute cut effects!
🐾 Various popular instruments!
🐾 Lots of free music scores!
🐾 Simple line but cute cut image!
🐾 Special magic performances for the hidden beat. Go find them out!
🐾 Super cute cat graphic. The cat will respond to different instruments!
🐾 No need to connect internet!

😻 A line of cats and band are all here ready to start the sing and dance show! 😽

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Atualizado: 2022-02-18
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Requisitos: Android 8.0+
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